Here in middle America this story has gotten plenty of run, so you might be familiar with it already.  Kansas State Head Football Coach Bill Snyder makes it a habit to write notes to others – opposing players, supporters of the Kansas State program, jazz musicians,... read more
Heart Health

Heart Health

Last month our CFC team was introduced to David Kuluva and Eric Schroeder of Athletic Testing Solutions, an organization that provides heart screenings, primarily for youth athletes.  We were impressed and wanted to use this week’s blog space to help promote ATS... read more
Bad Math

Bad Math

In the past we’ve linked to posts written by John O’Sullivan of the Changing the Game Project.  John has written yet another post that nails it.  As a Coach, I will file this one away not only for my own benefit, but potentially to share with parents.  The... read more
Bonds That Last

Bonds That Last

At CFC we talk all the time about Coaching With Purpose.  As a coach, I want to understand and live into my purpose for coaching.  When I’m doing it right, my purpose is athlete-focused.  My role as a coach exists to help take young people to a place they could... read more


Violence has been all over the news lately.  We have seen the pictures and read the stories from Paris and it’s all heartbreaking.  And obviously before any of the latest turmoil surfaced in France there were horrible things happening all over the world.  You... read more
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I coach to develop my players into men/women of integrity who will love, serve, and lead others with confidence, excellence, and purpose.

I coach to help young people develop a love for sports and for others that will steer them towards becoming someone who will change the world for good.

I coach to inspire, motivate, and propel athletes of all ages to live a life defined by compassion, integrity, and fitness in order to have a more positive impact on the lives of others.

I coach in order to help young people gain confidence in who they are and what they were created to do.

I coach to lead athletes through a journey to develop remarkable character, pure integrity and empowering each player to become leaders within our community.

I coach to develop young men who will strive to be committed, passionate and selfless in their sport and in life.

I coach to have a positive influence on lives, help kids learn basic fundamentals, to be part of a family, and to be a positive role model during an important time of growth in young people’s lives.

I coach to give kids an opportunity to follow their dreams while teaching them to become young leaders who understand the importance of education, teamwork and enthusiasm.

I coach to help boys and girls have positive experiences with sports and to be a male role model that will help them grow into confident, healthy and prosperous adults.

I coach to help our youth by serving as a role model, teacher, mentor, boss, friend and sometimes a father figure in hopes that I can influence them to become responsible leaders that will positively impact our world.

I coach to help young people develop a passion for sport and a passion for being loving, caring leaders.

I coach to help kids learn to love sports while learning loyalty, humility and respect.

I coach to develop the traits of integrity, selflessness and work ethic in the hopes that my athletes will carry those traits into a successful adult life.

I coach to help develop character and integrity in youth athletes who will then impact their community for good.

I coach in order to help young people value themselves, seek self-improvement and learn ways to encourage others.

I coach to instill a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility that leads young people to being a positive influence on others.


CFC is making a difference. We are all about effecting change. There is a movement afoot that is transforming individual lives, teams, communities, and more.

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