Baseball Joe

In Lesson 2 of Module 3 in the Coaching With Purpose lessons that we use in Coaching Life Groups, we read this quote: Although I was a reasonably good guy, I was relating to many of my players as if our relationship was a business deal.  I would care about them and... read more

Attitude Check

Last night I went to the first grade musical at my youngest son’s elementary school.  If you’ve been to a first grade musical anytime in the last 20 years, you know how it goes.  It’s kind of cute, but there’s not a whole lot of entertainment... read more

Ice On the Concrete

I am a big believer in positive attitudes and feel like complaining is one of the most powerful enemies of joy and success.  As a result, there are very few things that I allow myself to complain and whine about.  However, cold, snow and ice all make the list.  Maybe... read more

Coaching Bad

Last night I was watching a basketball game on TV with my kids and a commercial came on for a new TV series called “Coaching Bad”.  Spike TV is teaming up with Ray Lewis to “shine a light on the ever-growing issue of coaches and their anger... read more


Grant Wiggins writes a blog about education and just a few months ago posted this — an account of a veteran high school teacher who decides to shadow two students for a day to get a better feel for what it’s like to be a HS student. The post is a terrific... read more

Want To Connect? Tell a Story.

So after nine years away I am back in the classroom again.  And after 8 years of teaching high school in my past life, this time I find myself teaching 6th grade.  To begin the day I put the 1st period schedule on the whiteboard.  I want my students to know what to... read more

The Greatest Motivation?

Coaches don’t play the games, players do. How’s that for an obvious statement? Despite how obvious that statement is, it is worth repeating because it leads to one of the greatest challenges and opportunities that a coach faces – motivating players. As a Coach,... read more

Youth Sports – What’s the Point?

This past week I came across an article called The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports, published by Changing The Game Project. It’s a fantastic article that you should read. I’ll link to at the bottom of this post. That article got me thinking about the simple question,... read more

On Winning (by Coach Matt)

Photo Credit: phxwebguy via Compfight CC “You play to win the game” (Herm Edwards) If any of you are NFL fans, you likely recognize Herm Edwards’ quote. His press conference where he said that quote ranks among one of the most memorable press conferences of any NFL... read more
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I coach to develop my players into men/women of integrity who will love, serve, and lead others with confidence, excellence, and purpose.

I coach to help young people develop a love for sports and for others that will steer them towards becoming someone who will change the world for good.

I coach to inspire, motivate, and propel athletes of all ages to live a life defined by compassion, integrity, and fitness in order to have a more positive impact on the lives of others.

I coach in order to help young people gain confidence in who they are and what they were created to do.

I coach to lead athletes through a journey to develop remarkable character, pure integrity and empowering each player to become leaders within our community.

I coach to develop young men who will strive to be committed, passionate and selfless in their sport and in life.

I coach to have a positive influence on lives, help kids learn basic fundamentals, to be part of a family, and to be a positive role model during an important time of growth in young people’s lives.

I coach to give kids an opportunity to follow their dreams while teaching them to become young leaders who understand the importance of education, teamwork and enthusiasm.

I coach to help boys and girls have positive experiences with sports and to be a male role model that will help them grow into confident, healthy and prosperous adults.

I coach to help our youth by serving as a role model, teacher, mentor, boss, friend and sometimes a father figure in hopes that I can influence them to become responsible leaders that will positively impact our world.

I coach to help young people develop a passion for sport and a passion for being loving, caring leaders.

I coach to help kids learn to love sports while learning loyalty, humility and respect.

I coach to develop the traits of integrity, selflessness and work ethic in the hopes that my athletes will carry those traits into a successful adult life.

I coach to help develop character and integrity in youth athletes who will then impact their community for good.

I coach in order to help young people value themselves, seek self-improvement and learn ways to encourage others.

I coach to instill a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility that leads young people to being a positive influence on others.